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  The width of working table is 630 mm.
  Max. Length x Height of workpiece 800 x 150 mm.
  Min. Length x Height of workpiece 150 x 25 mm.
  Main power : 1 pc of motor 20HP for finger cutter shaft, 1 pc 7.5HP for saw shaft.
Centralized Control Panel Powerful Shaper Drive Shaping Mechanism

The left and right finger shapers have
individual control panels located at the
front of each machine.

Motions on the left and right finger
shaper can be controlled independently
or simultaneously for convenience.

Manual control switches are clearly identified.

The left and right finger shaper
spindles are driven by a 20 HP motor,
making the shapers ideal for heavy
duty cutting.

The shaper cutter performs finger
shaping and is maintenance free.

A high precision spindle is made of
special tool steel and the axial
tolerance is in 0.01mm. range.

PLC Control Position Digital Readouts Trimming and Scoring
Mechanism ( Left Shaper )
The machine employs a high
performance PLC controller.

Control circuits inside the control box
are carefully designed and arranged
for dependable performance.

All the electrical componets comply
with CE and CSA standards.
All tool axes are equipped with position
digital readouts which can be set to the
desired position quickly.

The height adjustment of the shaping
spindle is equipped with a clock gauge
The trimming sawblade cuts the left
end of the workpiece with a hogging
unit, eliminating tearing problems.

All motors have individual motor
  Max. length of table   630 mm      
  Max. length x height of workpiece   800 x 150 mm      
  Min. length x height of workpiece   150 x 20 mm      
  Speed of cut off saw   3600 rpm ~ 60 Hz , 3000 rpm ~ 50 Hz      
  Speed of finger cutter   6000 rpm ~ 60 Hz , 5400 rpm ~ 50 Hz      
  Speed of scoring saw   3600 rpm ~ 60 Hz , 3000 rpm ~ 50 Hz      
  POWER REQUIRED          
  Cut off saw + trimming cutter   7.5 HP      
  Finger cutter   20 HP      
  Conveyor driving motor   1/2 HP      
  Lower scoring saw   1 HP      
  Hydraulic pump   2 HP      
  Dia. of exhaust hood   4"x 4 pcs      
  Dust suction volume required   Aprox. 60 m3/min      
  Air consumption   6 kg/cm2      
  Machine dimensions   2120 x 1400 x 1350 mm      
  Packing dimensions   2340 x 1475 x 1550 mm      
  N.W.   1420 kgs      
  G.W.   1620 kgs      
All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.
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