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  Smart " Opposite Push-out Stocks " Design.
  No more glue touching the feeding belt conveyor !
Trimming, Scoring and Shaping Mechanism (Right shaper) Pneumatic Injection Gluing Mechanism Efficient Glue Mixing Tank

The trimming and top/bottom scoring
sawblade cuts the right end of the
workpieces without tearing problems.

The right shaper cutter produces
finger-shaped tenons accurately.

All motors have individual motor control.

The automatic gluing mechanism
applies the precise glue dosage and
is easily cleaned by a patented
pneumatic injection system.

Pneumatic injection glue system with
large glue mixing tank.

  Max. length of table   630 mm      
  Max. length x height of workpiece   800 x 150 mm      
  Min. length x height of workpiece   150 x 20 mm      
  Speed of cut off saw   3600 rpm ~ 60 Hz , 3000 rpm ~ 50 Hz      
  Speed of finger cutter   6000 rpm ~ 60 Hz , 5400 rpm ~ 50 Hz      
  Speed of scoring saw   3600 rpm ~ 60 Hz , 3000 rpm ~ 50 Hz      
  POWER REQUIRED          
  Cut off saw + trimming cutter   7.5 HP      
  Finger cutter   20 HP      
  Conveyor driving motor   1/2 HP      
  Upper scoring saw   1 HP x 1pc      
  Lower scoring saw   1 HP x 1pc      
  Hydraulic pump   2 HP      
  Dia. of exhaust hood   4"x 4 pcs      
  Dust suction volume required   Aprox. 60 m3/min      
  Air consumption   6 kg/cm2      
  Machine dimensions   2580 x 1400 x 1350 mm      
  Packing dimensions   2740 x 1475 x 1550 mm      
  N.W.   1510 kgs      
  G.W.   1720 kgs      
All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.
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